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Adult ministries at San Pedro Presbyterian includes classes, small groups and online learning opportunities. Our goal is to nurture faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Reverend Paul Gaedke and I consider it a high privilege to share God's word with folks on a daily basis. We write a daily devotional in addition to the weekly gospel presentation in worship and our wonderful education opportunities. Get connected!"

Latest Adult Ministry News

Bryan to Fakie His Way to Fame

After his skateboarding debut in worship a couple of weeks ago, Bryan has decided to throw his hat into the Sr. Skateboarding League. At a huge risk to his own personal safety and hip health, Dr. Stamper figures it's all worth it. The purse for winning the Sr. Skateboarding Open is a staggering $1800.00. When ask why the sudden turn in plans for the future, Bryan offered the following:

After such a sick skate in the sanctuary, I headed home and began to skogg with great focus. After pulling a sweet airwalk, followed by an alley-oop, I decided I needed to work on some more advanced tricks. At this point, your basic anchor grind and benihana just won't do it for me any more. In the coming days, I'm going to focus on the very challenging caballerial. For those not hip to the lingo, this radical move was invented by Steve Caballero in the early 1980s. It requires the athlete, yes we are athletes, to perform a 360-degree ollie on a ramp while riding fakie without grabbing. Yeah, it's tough but as a goofy-foot skater, it should come easily.”

When asked his opinion, Pastor Paul shook his head and said, “Hey, skaters gonna skate you know. As a former sidewalk surfer myself, I understand the draw, I'm seriously stoked for Bryan. Having watched him progress for a few weeks now, Bryan is seriously steezy when he skates. In no time at all I see him becoming one of the world's preeminent Sr. League thrashers. I hope he shares some of those sweet frog skins with the church, but who knows. The allure of sliding into a sick boneless is hard to resist. I just hope he remembers to always wear his brain bucket!

We'll let you know how this story unfolds in the coming weeks.

Cowabunga dude!

(This is parody. Bryan is not that good a skateboarder)

Pastor Paul
Jul 4, 2022
San Pedro on ESPN

In an exciting development, the Marketing Team at San Pedro has made a decision about how to creatively market our church to the broader community. After months of discernment, they identified an untapped demographic for church and Christian marketing.

Beginning this month, television viewers will notice our logo on the nationally televised American Cornhole League. Pictured above is one of our first spots on ESPN during a recent championship match (note the logo placement).

To be accurate, this decision was not the Marketing Team. It was Pastor Paul and Pastor Bryan.

Says Pastor Paul, "I realize spending $55,000 on one televised cornhole tournament seems excessive, but I mean... it's cornhole. Who doesn't love cornhole? Think of the exposure! Didn't somebody famous say 'Fortune favors the bold?' I mean come on. It's cornhole."

When asked how this t.v. ad would help the church, Pastor Bryan responded. "Well, you know, exposure and stuff."

So look for our next ad (when we raise more money).

UPDATE: Obviously, this entire article is satire, but the American Cornhole League is a real thing - you can read about it at And Pastor Bryan is open to cornhole and pickleball invitations.

Marketing Team
Jun 27, 2022
Pastor Bryan takes Coaching Gig

The elders of San Pedro Presbyterian Church announce Pastor Dr Bryan Stamper, Senior Pastor, accepted a coaching opportunity in the Premiere League in England. Dr Stamper will be coaching Manchester United for the coming season, serving as a mentor for the world's greatest player, Ronaldo.

Associate Pastor Reverend Paul Gaedke, in shock, gave his explanation:

"Well you know Bryan did really well with his son's 12 year old team. So I guess it makes sense. I think he's going to be flying back and forth a lot. And, of course, we'll be doing a lot of Zoom meetings (heavy sigh). But I'm supportive and excited to see what he can do. And he's making a lot of money."

As part of his agreement, Dr Stamper disclosed that his salary from Manchester United of $2.5 million dollars will not replace his current terms of call. So San Pedro will be still be compensating him while he travels back and forth from Europe. When asked why the church should still pay him, he responded, "Well I'll still be writing the daily devotionals and making phone calls and stuff. I'm also coming around to the 'prosperity gospel' thing."

DISCLAIMER: Obviously the above article is satirical. But Pastor Bryan will be hosting a corn hole tournament for a Christian Night Out at his and Kerry's home. Expect the competition to be fierce. RSVP your attendance HERE.

Jun 20, 2022
Pastor Paul on Hell's Kitchen

The fabulous nuevo cuisine of our own Reverend Paul Gaedke has caught the attention of none other than Chef Gordon Ramsey. Paul had the opportunity to appear on next season of Hell's Kitchen (sneak peek shown above). The time was grueling, and he had to keep it a secret (he never went on those cruises he was raving about).

When asked how his time went, Pastor Paul responded with a curt, "I didn't learn a thing. If anything, I taught Gordon how to cook. Those shows are all staged to make him look good. And I was hoping to get the show name changed to 'Heaven's Kitchen.'"

Pastor Bryan's comments, "I stayed at the guy's house for two months and he never made the same dish twice. Shrimp and grits; corned beef with cabbage, Cuban sandwiches - the list goes on. His wife Gina is spoiled. The guy's a magician. If he opened a restaurant I'd be there every day. Seriously."

Our Fellowship Deacon contacted Gordon's team to hear their side of the story, but all we heard was a curt, "no comment."

NOTE: Obviously, the above work of satire is meant in good fun. But Pastor Paul really is a great cook, and he'll be adding his magic to the upcoming CANO night in June. RSVP your spot(s) HERE.

Fellowship Team
Jun 12, 2022
Video Devotional

Dr Stamper writes a free, daily devotional that is sent out Monday through Friday - sign up HERE.

Dr Stamper
May 25, 2022
Potluck Thank you!

We had a wonderful, packed house, turnout for our Potluck Dinner on Riser Sunday (Riser Sunday is our annual worship service recognizing all the children and students moving up to the next grade or graduating). The fried chicken, Mac-in-cheese, side dishes and dessert were more than enough for everybody in attendance. Young and senior saints alike showed up for a long overdue potluck meal. 

Our Fellowship Deacon, Rose Solis, did a great job pulling her team of volunteers together for a fabulous event. Rose conveys her thanks for all who contributed, 

The spirit of giving has always been strong at San Pedro and this spirit shows in all Fellowship events!!! THANK You sooo much to all who contributed and helped with set up and clean up at the Pot luck! Your help with these events makes each one the best!!! Please keep up the good work by reaching out with your help, it is greatly appreciated!🌹"

Our next big Fellowship Event is Donuts for Dads (and Kolaches, too). Let the office know if you’re willing to help with any opportunities to connect in fellowship. Office Email ( 

Fellowship Team
May 23, 2022

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