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Hi! My name is Browyn King (pronounced Bro-win) and I am the Children's Deacon at San Pedro! My husband and I moved to San Antonio in 2010 after having our first son, and joined San Pedro shortly after. We now have 3 children and LOVE the Children's Programs that San Pedro offers. My kids look forward to the days when they can return to Sunday School, Wednesday Night Kids, and all the Special Events!  

During the time of COVID-19 the CMC team has put together "Take-Out Church" boxes with activities for families to do together with their children that goes along with the family devotional. These are available monthly in the foyer or during Communion Elements pick up (the first Saturday of the month). If it is your first time getting a box, please let me know and I will send you a devotional to go along with the activities/crafts! You can reach me by email at 

Latest Kids Ministry News

Coloring Kits for Kids

We know that having squirmy kids in the sanctuary can be a handful for parent. While we love having kids in the sanctuary, we understand the struggle to keep a kid quiet and engaged. The lack of nursery and childrens’ church can be a deterrent for families with young kids. Please know that the Pastors and Session are discussing the best strategies for bringing this valuable resource back.

Before the pandemic kids we offered cloth bags with various activities for children. While these bags are still unavailable, we want to provide kids with a coloring that they can use during the service. These kits contain coloring pages and crayons for the child to keep. They will be available in the narthex, just ask an usher for a coloring kit when you check in.

I know that our adults are excited and would love to spend the service coloring fun pictures, but we ask that these kits be only kids. You’ll have to bring your own supplies. 

Dave Reiss
Apr 13, 2021
The Easter Bunny Shows Up!

The Easter Bunny showed up again this year at our Easter Egg Hunt! Member Becky Hooper has been a regular participant since the Easter Egg Hunt started several years ago. From Becky's Facebook page:

"I had the best time at the San Pedro Presbyterian Church egg hunt today! This outfit has served me well since I had it made in Itaewon, South Korea in 1982! The mask is new this year..."

Thanks for being there for our families and kids Becky!

Pastor Paul
Apr 2, 2021
All Ages

It was great to have folks from every generation join us for worship on Easter Sunday. Family is folks of all ages. Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren, Parents, Grandparents . . . that's what family is.

As we return to in person events, let us be mindful of making space for new family members. Somebody may be sitting in your seat when you show up, be gracious and kind and mindful of what it is like to look for a new church home. They want to be family, too. Hospitality takes all of us, of every generation, to make folks feel like they've come home.

We're in a unique time in history. People are thinking about routines again, and that includes looking for a church. We've had several new guests and folks tell us they're ready to join our church. Let's do our part to make everybody, of every age, feel welcome - even if they're sitting in your seat.

Pastor Paul
Apr 2, 2021
The Cascarones Cannon Is Back!

The Cascarones Cannon Is Back!

Pastor Paul will once again rain down a hail of confetti Eggs on both the expected and unexpected attending our Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Be sure and RSVP for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt! CLICK HERE TO RSVP!

Pastor Paul
Mar 17, 2021