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"Hey everyone! My name is Dave and I have the privilege of leading San Pedro Youth (SPY). Our mission is for students to know, grow, and show the love of Christ. We do this by designing programs and events where our students build friendships, study God’s word together, and put their faith into practice by serving others. We have an amazing group of adults that gather around our students and model an authentic relationship with Jesus. All students, grades 6-12, are welcome to be a part of our San Pedro Youth family!"

In Christ,

Dave Reiss

Latest Youth Ministry News

Will there be a 2021 Mission Trip?

One of the questions I keep getting asked is, "Will there be a 2021 Mission Trip?"

Now, I love mission trips and was in the midst of planning our 2020 trip to New Orleans when the pandemic hit. I was excited for our chance to serve in that community because I have never been to New Orleans, except their Greyhound station, which in another story. I would love to say that we are are without a shadow of a doubt having a 2021 Mission Trip, but there are many factors that must be considered.

Because many places are slowly opening up and capacities are questionable, it is difficult to know what is available. Also, I typcially start planning the mission trip in the fall and kick into high gear in the winter. Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic I am way behind the ball on planning one. That does not mean it is not possible, but it may not be as elaborate or intense as previous years. Plus, we still need to take into consideration issues surrounding COVID and the precautions we need to keep ourselves and those we serve safe.

As I look toward this summer I am considering various options about our mission trip, but I could really use people's input. I have created a simple survey to help me know what families think, so that I can plan the best possible experience for all involved.

Please take a few minutes and complete our 2021 Mission Trip Survey.

Dave Reiss
Apr 9, 2021
Riser Sunday Celebration

It has been almost nine years since I started here at San Pedro. I remember hosting myt first Riser Sunday here and only recognizing some of our high school grads and none of our college grads. It is exciting being here so long that I have the pleasure of knowing both of these groups, high school and college grads. I even know our rising elementary students and am excited to welcome them into youth program.

This year's college graduates were about to enter their 8th grade year back in 2012 and now they are setting their sights on this great big exciting world. Our high school graduates were still in elementary school and now they are about to open up the next chapter of their lives. It has been such a joy watching both of these groups grow into men and women of God. I am blessed to know that God has used me, in some part, in these students' lives and I am excited to see how God will use them in the years to come.

I am working with our High school graduates to help share their story with the congregation. It is always a beautiful thing to hear how God works through our faith family to nurture students in the faith. I hope you will join us on Riser Sunday as we hear these powerful testimonies. I want to take a moment to thank all of our youth leaders, past and present, for how they have poured their heart, time, and energy into our students. You are a vital role in souls of this rising generation.

As we start planning our 2021 Riser Sunday, one of the thing we look for is a list of people from our congregation who have graduated from college. If you know someone from our faith family that is graduating from college or acquiring a post-graduate degree, please let me know. Send their name, Institution, degree, a way to contact them (email or phone) to

Riser Sunday will be on May 23. It is also Pentecost Sunday so we are encouraging everyone to wear red!

Dave Reiss
Apr 9, 2021
The Youth Have Entered the Building!

It was great to have our students back for in-person youth group. It has been since December when we were last together. It was great to see their smiling eyes (since we were all wearing masks) and catch up on their lives. I anticipate that our youth will thrive as they begin to reconnect with each other in person. Virtual youth programs have been difficult, especially with all the time students must spend on screens for school these days. I am looking forward to being back with our students on a regular basis.

Since we are back together, we have returned to watching and discussing The Chosen, a TV series based on the ministry of Christ. This week’s episode was about the wedding in Cana. Twice during the episode, the question was asked, “If not now, when?” We asked this question of our students. Jesus invited people to follow him, and he invites us too. We can always create a list of excuses why we can’t follow him. It’s too scary. It’s too risky. I’m too busy. I’m too young. I don’t know enough. Jesus did not call his disciples to follow him when they balanced their calendars and gained a lot of knowledge. He calls them, and us, to follow him now. So, the question is, if not now, when?

I want to invite all our youth, students in 6th-12th grade, to join us on Wednesday nights from 6:30 -8pm in our main youth room. We are taking the necessary precautions to keep our students safe, while helping them know, grow, and show the love of Christ. If you have any question, feel free to email;

Dave Reiss
Mar 15, 2021

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