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I'm Nico Carrillo, the full-time Youth Director at San Pedro. It's my honor to serve the needs of families as students transition to adulthood. I've got a degree in music and I'm passionate about worship, God's word, and discipleship for teenagers. I grew up in San Antonio, so it's my joy to serve the next generations of disciples. Our weekly youth gathering happens Sunday mornings during the 11:00 worship service, when sixth through twelfth graders attend worship, then leave during the sermon for their own age appropriate Bible study. We also host retreats, mission trips, lock-ins and fellowship events throughout the year. We're ramping back up other activities after the pandemic, which will include summer camps and a mission trip during the summer. Coming events and news are posted on this page.

Latest Youth Ministry News

Riser Sunday Review

Riser Sunday celebrated our upcoming children, youth and graduates during worship on Sunday, May 22nd. All children and students received a special gift to affirm their accomplishments from this past year.

Youth Director Nico Carrillo, Children's Director Lyndsay Watson, and Children's Ministry Assistant Madison Munoz did a fabulous job re-gathering our young saints this past year after two challenging years of being apart. All our programs are growing, with new opportunities coming this summer and fall. Read and RSVP for all our pending activities on their respective web pages:



Family Ministries Team
May 23, 2022
A Call to Prayer

This is a season of blessing at San Pedro, with baptisms, new members, and families returning to worship. We are financially healthy, and there is a spirit of optimism and hope for our family.

With these feelings of joy and love, I've asked our Elders to affirm a three month Call to Prayer. We are specifically praying for two things: vision for San Pedro, and calling (or purpose) in Christ for all our members. Our Elders have agreed.

Accordingly, we're offering multiple opportunities to gather for fellowship and prayer. Let us seek Holy Spirit's wisdom and direction through these gatherings. Each requires an RSVP (click link).

  • Vigil #1 - 6PM May 18th (Wed) (soup & prayer) RSVP HERE
  • Vigil #2 - 6PM May 25th (Wed) (soup & prayer) RSVP HERE
  • Prayer Walk with Mark Twehues - 9AM Jun 18 (Sat) RSVP HERE
  • Prayer Bike Ride with youth and families - 9AM Jun 18 (Sat) RSVP HERE
Dr Bryan Stamper
May 10, 2022
Contemporary Service UPDATE #2

On Sunday, April 24th we worshipped for the second of our beta test services in the Neal Building. Once again we had to bring out chairs to make room for everybody, which was exciting to see. With feedback from the first service, we made some tweaks to how we ordered the service (a little less music), and presented the sermon (in 3 parts).

We have another round of adjustment to make before the last of our test services on May 29th, but all in all we're getting good feedback and participation. We're going to make another improvement to the sermon content by working on the sound, and we'll get a bit smoother with slide transitions. We'll also maybe add a little percussion and more singers for the last service.

Two things to point out about the crowd on April 24th. One, there were a number of adults who again joined us to try this style of service. We were building it as something we thought was of main interest to students. We think there are some adults and young families who might regularly join a contemporary service. And secondly, our youth had a lock-in the previous Friday, so we think some of them were still recovering (we're were up most of the night). Even without the bulk of our youth, we had a crowd.

So keep praying and keep passing along your suggestions. We've still got one more service to put together before our summer break and final discernment about what to do in the fall. Your participation and feedback is really helpful, so thank you again. I'm enjoying being the new guy on staff.

RSVP for the last test service HERE. I'll have the chairs ready!


Our first contemporary test service is in the books! I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support in preparations for this service and a special thanks to those who were able to attend and provide much needed feedback. Firstly, I want to say how humbled I am just to have the opportunity try something new here at SPPC. Secondly, the amount of support and prayer that has surrounded this service has not gone unnoticed and I have been truly blessed by your willingness to try something different. This first service was by no stretch of the imagination “perfect”, however I believe it was successful and I am going to share my thoughts on why I believe that to be the case.

Simply put, this service was successful in my mind because it provides us with the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t. The most difficult part of trying anything new, is starting. We now have something to reference and grow from as we begin shaping this service into a healthy and nurturing element of worship at SPPC over the next two services. We also found success with this service with the amount of engagement and feedback we received. There were nearly 30 people who not only attended the service but worked together to come up with ideas for how we can reach more people with this service.

What we learned from this service is that there is more for us to learn. However, what I can say with certainty is that the youth of our church that did attend the contemporary service were genuinely excited about the service and the potential it brings to their faith walk and worship involvement. I don’t know yet if this contemporary service can engage the youth and young adults of our community, but I am excited for the possibility. 

Nico Carrillo
Apr 27, 2022
Youth Fun (Lock-In)

Great news! We had a strong turnout of students for our April 22nd lock-in (pictured are a few who braved the "color battle"), with a lot of guests and tons of laughs.

While it is so exciting to see so many youth attend an event, please keep our middle and high school students in prayer. It has been a challenging season for all of us the past couple of years navigating through the uncertainty and the impact of not meeting regularly. The same can be said for the youth of our community that is now returning to a sense of normalcy after significant time apart. As the family of God, this is a great opportunity to remind them of the promises we've made to them through their baptisms.

So thank you for generously supporting the ministries we provide to future generations of saints. Your grace, patience, and long-standing commitment is making a difference. Now is the time when young lives need to experience San Pedro's loving, caring and supportive attention.

Nico Carrillo
Apr 25, 2022
Why a contemporary service?

We are test launching contemporary worship services on March 27th, April 24th and May 29th during the 11:00 worship hour. The services will take place in the Neal Building. The music will be live with a praise team - the message will be a prerecorded video.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are we trying this at San Pedro?

A: Three primary reasons:

  1. This opportunity presented itself with the hire of our newest staff member, Nico Carrillo. He and his family have experience leading worship, and Nico has a music degree.
  2. We are focusing on a service that will appeal to our students and young adults (who Nico was brought on staff to reach).
  3. There is no substantive cost increase to our budget since Nico is full time staff. The other members of the praise team are volunteers and we have no extra staffing costs as the service runs at the same time as our traditional service.

Q: Why is this service at the same time as the 11:00 service?

A: We hope to reach a different group of people with this service, which may include children and students of our current adults who prefer traditional worship. We will not incur any added strain on our volunteers by having this service at the same time (shared Sunday school for children and youth).

Summary thoughts:

Candidly, there were no plans to try contemporary worship until we hired Nico. As part of his calling he offered to reach students who are not worshipping at church with us, In short it's an experiment we can evaluate, but with a potential to reach people who currently do not attend San Pedro. Also, it will not impact our members who worship in the sanctuary - the traditional worship will continue as before.

For now, please pray for God's blessing as we try something new over the next few months. After the three test services, we will evaluate them to discern if we want to continue in the fall. These should be fun, exciting opportunities to grow and nurture our faith family.

To all our members, thank you for being generous in supporting the call to reach people for Christ. There will be things we try, some that work and some that fail, in our attempts to faithfully glorify God with the resources He has given us as San Pedro family members. Keep praying and know the Lord still leads us to follow Him in faith.

P.S. RSVP a spot for the service so we'll know you're praying and supporting this new adventure. RSVP HERE

Dr Bryan Stamper
Mar 21, 2022
NEW Youth Director - Nico

It's an honor to introduce our faith family to the newest member of our staff - Nico Carrillo. He comes with excellent references and local experience working with teenagers in the San Antonio area by way of a local church.

From Nico:

"I was born in San Antonio and grew up in the Floresville area. I pursued degrees in various fields (including culinary arts, and physical therapy) before I followed God's call into the ministry. Following this calling led me to obtain an associate's degree in music from San Antonio College and a bachelor's degree in worship studies from Liberty University.

It was in my pursuit of God that I felt there was more that I could do to glorify Him in the way that I live my life. My siblings and I partnered in a small business, Overflow, where we strive to live intentionally for God's glory through creative worship. This mission includes screen printing Scripture-inspired apparel with eco-friendly practices while sourcing our garments from fair trade and sustainable sources, and then giving back to impoverished communities and environmental efforts.

Some fun facts: I am a tennis player, I enjoy musical theater, and I am a songwriter. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of the San Pedro PC family."

Please welcome Nico as he serves in a full-time role with our main programming team, focusing mainly on ministries to junior high and senior high students.

Feb 7, 2022

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