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Intercultural Youth Conference 2022

Our youth had an amazing time at the Intercultural Youth Conference hosted by Mo-Ranch this past weekend! While the youth group has been to Mo-Ranch before, this was our first time attending this conference, and what an eye-opening and unique experience it was. We were able to see glimpses into the diversity of culture and upbringing within our faith community and celebrate what makes us all different.


           The theme of the conference was to “leave our mark” on the world and how we want to make an impact. Our kids learned that the way we leave our mark on the world is by sharing our story with others. While we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, we are all One Body in Christ. We witnessed some inspiring testimony, demonstrations, games, food, and stories from various represented cultures that inspired some deep discussion and curiosity to learn about the stories of those around us.

           After having some time to decompress and talk about the things we all enjoyed most about the conference, everyone expressed how cool it was to see the culture that other people were raised with. All things said, our youth group had a really good time at ICYC and look forward to the possibility of attending next year with more of their friends.