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Mabrie at The White House
Pastor Paul

BREAKING NEWS: San Antonio's Fox 5 News has confirmed The White House has invited San Pedro Presbyterian's Business Administrator, Mabrie Casbeer, to serve as their Interim Press Secretary. Balancing marriage to a local San Antonio firefighter, raising three young children, and working full-time at the church, Mabrie nevertheless agreed to help our nation.

Mabrie shared her reflections and comparisons between working as Press Secretary for the President, and serving a local Presbyterian church. Her response,

"Are you kidding me? Working for a church is way harder! Why does everybody make such a big deal about this Press Secretary thing? It's super easy. Have you ever worked for a church? No comparison between the two - the church job is way more challenging. I love it. But it's harder."

President Biden apparently asked Mabrie to stay on through the end of his term, but she confirmed with the church leaders that her calling was to serve San Pedro Presbyterian for the foreseeable future. When asked for their response to the news Mabrie wasn't leaving the church, Pastors Bryan and Paul hugged, wiped away tears, and let out a collective sigh of relief. Collecting himself and trembling with emotion, Pastor Paul replied, "God does answer prayers."

UPDATE: While we enjoy a bit of humor and satire, we include two bits of news to go with the fun. First, Mabrie's new email is Second, please note Mabrie is a worshipping member at San Pedro. If you're able to direct your inquires to her during the week, it allows Mabrie to separate her work and worship lives. Sunday is family time for the Casbeers: hugs, smiles and fellowship are always welcome.