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In an exciting development, the Marketing Team at San Pedro has made a decision about how to creatively market our church to the broader community. After months of discernment, they identified an untapped demographic for church and Christian marketing.

Beginning this month, television viewers will notice our logo on the nationally televised American Cornhole League. Pictured above is one of our first spots on ESPN during a recent championship match (note the logo placement).

To be accurate, this decision was not the Marketing Team. It was Pastor Paul and Pastor Bryan.

Says Pastor Paul, "I realize spending $55,000 on one televised cornhole tournament seems excessive, but I mean... it's cornhole. Who doesn't love cornhole? Think of the exposure! Didn't somebody famous say 'Fortune favors the bold?' I mean come on. It's cornhole."

When asked how this t.v. ad would help the church, Pastor Bryan responded. "Well, you know, exposure and stuff."

So look for our next ad (when we raise more money).

UPDATE: Obviously, this entire article is satire, but the American Cornhole League is a real thing - you can read about it at And Pastor Bryan is open to cornhole and pickleball invitations.