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Why a contemporary service?
Dr Bryan Stamper

We are test launching contemporary worship services on March 27th, April 24th and May 29th during the 11:00 worship hour. The services will take place in the Neal Building. The music will be live with a praise team - the message will be a prerecorded video.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are we trying this at San Pedro?

A: Three primary reasons:

  1. This opportunity presented itself with the hire of our newest staff member, Nico Carrillo. He and his family have experience leading worship, and Nico has a music degree.
  2. We are focusing on a service that will appeal to our students and young adults (who Nico was brought on staff to reach).
  3. There is no substantive cost increase to our budget since Nico is full time staff. The other members of the praise team are volunteers and we have no extra staffing costs as the service runs at the same time as our traditional service.

Q: Why is this service at the same time as the 11:00 service?

A: We hope to reach a different group of people with this service, which may include children and students of our current adults who prefer traditional worship. We will not incur any added strain on our volunteers by having this service at the same time (shared Sunday school for children and youth).

Summary thoughts:

Candidly, there were no plans to try contemporary worship until we hired Nico. As part of his calling he offered to reach students who are not worshipping at church with us, In short it's an experiment we can evaluate, but with a potential to reach people who currently do not attend San Pedro. Also, it will not impact our members who worship in the sanctuary - the traditional worship will continue as before.

For now, please pray for God's blessing as we try something new over the next few months. After the three test services, we will evaluate them to discern if we want to continue in the fall. These should be fun, exciting opportunities to grow and nurture our faith family.

To all our members, thank you for being generous in supporting the call to reach people for Christ. There will be things we try, some that work and some that fail, in our attempts to faithfully glorify God with the resources He has given us as San Pedro family members. Keep praying and know the Lord still leads us to follow Him in faith.

P.S. RSVP a spot for the service so we'll know you're praying and supporting this new adventure. RSVP HERE