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Ed Olson - IT Man
Pastor Paul

When I first arrived at San Pedro Presbyterian, almost 12 years ago, one of the first people I met was Ed Olson. At the time, I think he was our Worship Deacon. There is a reason I'm not 100% sure.

Over the years I have witnessed Ed serving on multiple committees, serving on the Session, running the soundboard, repairs on our computers, working to compile our Congregational Report, working alongside our treasurer and Finance Committee . . . the list goes on.

Several years ago, I spoke with Ed about the possibility of improving our internet and online capabilities. Ed jumped in with both feet. He looked into setting up more wireless connectivity throughout our campus and made it happen.

When we began broadcasting online last year, it became clear that we needed a better internet connection. In the midst of the pandemic, Ed again stepped up and got a high-speed, dedicated fiber optic line for our church.

When you join us for worship online, when you see videos in the Narthex, when you get online at the church, you have Ed Olson to thank. 

Ed has found so many ways to minister to God's people using his various gifts and talents. When you see Ed again, offer him thanks for all he's done, and continues to do for God's church.