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Fishing Fun Men's Ministries

Fishing Fun Men's Ministries
Dr Bryan Stamper

When I came up with the idea of an outdoor fellowship event for men that involved fishing and hog hunting, I wasn't sure the idea would move forward. But when Reverend Carla Mathews and her husband, Danny, offered the use of their Floresville ranch, it felt like a Holy Spirit nudge to explore the concept further.

It turns out there are other churches in Texas (and around the country) who host outdoor ministry events for men and families. There are even several who put together annual hog hunts! A lot of people enjoy fellowship in God's creation - churches close to great outdoor spaces have been camping for years. And as most people who spend a lot of time outside know, it's not really about "catching" or "hunting;" it's more about spending time with friends in relaxed settings.

So a half a dozen of us threw our gear together and headed down to Floresville. The Mathews named their ranch, "Lalaland." It's a 170 acre retreat space for their extended family who make their way from around the country for big holiday seasons. They've expanded and stocked their pond, which now have serious sized bass, a few catfish and lots of brim.

The men who went out in the blinds only saw one hog just before dark, but most everybody caught some fish. If you'll look carefully at the attached image, you can see me holding up two large bass at the same time. Those were caught on the same, double treble hook top water lure, at the exact same moment. I've never seen anything quite like it, but we got it on video to prove it's not just a fish tale.

Aside from the hunting, I learned a lot about hosting a group of men for a short overnight retreat. In addition to appreciation for Danny and Carla, much thanks goes out to Pastor Paul for putting together a delicious chili meal and two large breakfast casseroles. The man knows how to feed people!

Aside from the food and activities, I enjoyed having a little time to learn more about a few of the men in our church. So if you know anybody who'd like to go on another outdoor adventure, call the office and get in touch with me. And remember we're hosting every other month men's fellowship gatherings at local spots to play pool, throw darts, and enjoy local beverages.

Ask around and you'll find lots of gatherings where food, friends and fun are being organized by San Pedro family members.