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Current Series: Game Changer

What behaviors, habits, and lifestyle choices have made the biggest difference in your life? And more pointedly, are there multiple things you’d like to change?

This new series, “Game Changer,” explores eternal principles that make life better. For five weeks Dr Stamper and Reverend Gaedke will delve into specific biblical principles that any person can embrace immediately. Everything - relationships, physical well-being, mental balance, and personal contentment are elements God blesses when people embrace God’s best guide for living. 

Says Pastor Bryan, “Last year was a challenge. The world was still reeling from coming out of the pandemic. I was diagnosed with a rare disorder in which my body's immune system attacks my nerves. Then my mother died. Everything in my life was impacted. So I went back to notes I’ve collected over the years and started reorienting my life around basic, stripped down practices. 

I couldn’t just drop everything and focus on myself alone. I’m a husband, father and pastor. But I could make choices, even in the midst of chaos and change, that gradually chipped away at things I needed to work on. This message series is about those daily habits and practices. I hope you’ll join us.

Game changing behaviors, rooted in Scripture, are readily available for you right now. Join us every Sunday in August at 10:00 am and experience God's best for you today.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2