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Going Beyond
Dr Bryan Stamper

Working for a church is a privilege; our faithful members’ generosity enable several folks to make their livelihood by way of serving at San Pedro on staff. The vast majority of our faith family only encounter our staff on Sunday mornings, which means the vast majority of work “behind-the-scenes” is unseen.

Two of our hard working saints on staff have gone beyond the norm to ensure our flooring installation and sanctuary renovation stayed on target. They’ve not only put in extra hours on their days off, they’ve also stayed late to prepare for our live stream and worship in Reynolds Hall. 

Thank you Pastor Paul and Jesse Ramirez (Facilities Manager), for working hard for the Lord. Your church appreciates your diligence and dedication. I appreciate you both as colleagues.

Pastor Bryan

P.S. We’ve got lots of great staff at San Pedro - thank all of them when you get a chance.