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The Good Life Small Group Series
Dave Reiss

Are you happy? Are you content with your life or are you always desiring something more? As a Christian, we know that God calls us to be people who are filled with joy, but often our reality feels anything but joyful. Life can be difficult, but there must be a way for us to experience happiness beyond our circumstances. 

The Good Life is a book by Pastor Derwin Gray, in which he outlines how to experience true, godly happiness. One might think that Derwin Gray was living the dream, he grew up on the west side of San Antonio looking for an escape from poverty. He turned to football and made it all the way to the NFL. Yet, even with all his success, there was something missing. He writes, “Trying to find lasting happiness is like chasing your shadow; what starts as childish fun erodes into adult frustration, failure, and disappointment.” Eventually discovers that happiness does not come from worldly achievements, but from Jesus Christ. “Jesus of Nazareth was the happiest person who ever lives. He is the ultimate portrait of the good life. He is the prototype of what humanity was meant to be.” By following the example of Jesus, we discover a happiness, a joy, a blessedness that the world can never offer.

So how do we discover this happiness? Derwin Gray suggests that we follow Jesus’ Happiness Manifesto, the Beatitudes, bullet points of blessedness that start the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-12). Maybe you’ve heard them before, “Blessed are the poor in spirit… Blessed are those who morn… Blessed are the humble…” In true Jesus fashion, he flips our understanding of what happiness is upside down.

This April we will have three adult small groups based on The Good Life, an eight-week series with video and discussion.

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