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Harvey Juarez - Keeping our property beautiful
Dr Bryan Stamper

Harvey Juarez is somebody you see around church who carries a smile and a friendly demeanor. What folks in the behind-the-scenes workings of our church know is that Harvey plays an integral role in keeping our facilities running smoothly and our maintenance up to date. He is also a great example of somebody who has found their fit in our faith family (the theme of our current message series).

Harvey is the volunteer component of our facilities team. He works closely with staff, elders and key volunteers to maintain a balanced property budget and discern what funds remain in various accounts related to facilities. If you'll recall, our Neal Building was damaged from the February ice storm. While folks think of it as a distant memory, Harvey is the one dealing with the aftermath (insurance company, finances, contractors, etc).

On a personal note, he made me feel welcome when I first arrived. For one of our first meetings Harvey said, "Pastor, I want you to have an office you feel good about for the next twenty years." As my office comes together I am reminded that a beautiful property helps us feel good about our church, but the people make San Pedro feel like family. People like Harvey are a blessing, say "thank you" when you see him.