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Kids Update
Lyndsey Watson

San Pedro Kids are busy! We've enjoyed two Fellowship Hours together over the last two months. We've had our faces painted, played with balloon animals, and spent time laughing and enjoying each other's company. The picture above is our first time singing together as a choir in over two years - what a great turnout!

The kids are also learning about the Ten Commandments on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. They are engaged and excited to know God's laws for our lives and their intelligence and engagement in what we're learning never ceases to amaze me.

Here are more great things happening in March and April

March 9th (Wednesday) - No WNK due to Spring Break

March 20th (Sunday) 10 am - Kid's Fellowship Hour! It's also Mr. Rogers Day, so wear your favorite sneakers and sweater.

April 8th (Friday) 6-9 pm - We're hosting a Parents' Night Out! RSVPs required.

April 10th (Sunday) - Palm Sunday Children's Choir!

April 17th (Sunday) 10 am - Easter Sunday - Kid's Fellowship Hour, Easter Egg Hunt and Children's Choir

With so many kids, our volunteers are priceless and we so appreciate you all! Sign up to volunteer once in a while.

Sunday school teacher openings CLICK HERE