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You are Loved
Dr Bryan Stamper

Through this extended time of uncertainty, San Pedro Presbyterian continues to be the church. Ministries for all ages continue, with renewed hope for a “normal” routine. Let us rejoice to see our children on Wednesdays with their friends (Pastor Paul knows how to get kids to sing), and to engage our children on Sundays during our Time for Children and as acolytes with their parents. 

And yet, let us acknowledge the trauma that lingers. There is a general hesitancy for so many faithful Christians about being together without masks; and there is fatigue from the ever-shifting news about COVID numbers that rise and fall from week to week. 

How should the church respond now?

No matter the season, we continue to be the church. We never stopped being the church. And we will always do the work of proclaiming the Good News, meeting the needs of our neighbors, and teaching the next generation of saints about Jesus.

So as a reminder: if you or somebody you know needs a contact from the church, for whatever reason, let us know. Call the church office and we’ll coordinate a pastoral visit or phone call. It’s o.k. to hurt or feel blue, but please remember the love of Christ offered to you through our church family. We have deacons, elders and pastoral staff who count it a privilege to reach out anytime. 

You are loved by God and your church family at San Pedro Presbyterian.