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Be a Friend to Make a Friend
Mabrie Casbeer - Office Manager

What a "blessing" it was to witness some of our beautiful children receive a special gift from Pastor Bryan to place on their backpacks for the new school year. With ever changing COVID news, family vacations, and uncertainty that so many of our San Antonio churches have faced, it was a beautiful scene to watch in worship.

We've waited throughout the summer to ensure a sizable number of our families would be in worship. Now that we've confirmed folks are ready for our new schedule of children and youth programs, we are thrilled to add this element of family participation back into weekly worship.

The tags the children received read: "This Child is loved by God, prayed over by the San Pedro church family, and blessed to be a blessing to others." The children's message reminded the kids, and all of us, that we are called to be a friend to make a friend. Don't wait for others to love and care for you - instead make the commitment to first bless others. Tags are available for those who could not be in attendance.

In other great news for opportunities for kids in worship, read about the return of our acolyte ministry HERE.