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Getting Our House Ready
Dr Bryan Stamper

With new floors being installed in the first week of January, the big job of moving our pews out of the sanctuary fell to a team of staff and volunteers. Working (and sweating) together - they were successful.

As a pastor, it always fills my heart with joy to know we can ask people for help with projects, ministries, and missions. I'm personally not at 100% physical fitness, but I know healthy churches are comprised of more than any one person or team of paid staff. Projects like these remind me of the power of a faith community - faithful saints who make the church a witness for Christ by doing what needs to get done, when it needs to get done.

Thank you (pictured left to right):

Jesse Ramirez (Facilities Manager, staff)

Dan Gostylo

Eric Buschfort

Eric Mapes

Pastor Paul

Eileen Gostylo (and yes, Eileen lifted and moved pews)

In Christ,

Pastor Bryan

P.S. You can see the new walls going up in the background of the photo. For more information about the flooring and wall project, read the article with frequently asked questions HERE.