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New Sound System is UP
Dr Bryan Stamper

A big “thank you” is due staff members Pastor Paul Gaedke, Jesse Ramirez, and Griffin Gaedke for our new sound system and sanctuary improvements. San Pedro is now experiencing an exponential improvement in our audio/visual system due to their long hours and dedication to get the brand new system up and running. 

Pastor Paul and Jesse have also put their carpentry and construction skills to use in repurposing our music room risers for the sanctuary and sound booth. By utilizing what we already had on hand, we’ve both opened up the music room to become a bell choir room, and also saved about $8000 in building costs. We’ve got more room for the choir in the sanctuary, and our sound booth is no longer partially obscuring the side exit. 

Griffin’s been with us throughout the pandemic, and he’s been instrumental in keeping our online sound and visual system going for these many months. What you see online is now a weekly offering that many of our San Pedro folks continue to enjoy while traveling or away from the sanctuary. 

So again, take a moment to say “thank you” to each of them when you see them face to face. We’re lucky to have them on our staff.