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Nico at the U.S. Open
Communications Team

ESPN reports San Pedro Presbyterian's Director of Youth Ministries, Nico Carrillo, has qualified for the 2022 US Open Tennis Tournament. Barely missing out in last year's qualifying events (pictured facing off against Novak Djokovic in 2021), Nico has won enough matches and he now anticipates a strong showing.

Around the church office, the buzz has reached a fever pitch. When asked for his comment about this unprecedented development, Choir Director Mark Twehues said, "Wait, Nico plays tennis? And what's the US Open?"

Pastor Paul gave his support, too. "There's no way we're giving him time off for this. He can play in the tournament, but we expect him back on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings with our youth."

You can confirm more information about The US Open Tennis Tournament HERE. We have no idea when Nico's playing in the first round, but prayers are welcome.

UPDATE: The US Open is a real tournament, this article is not. However, we do have a passionate group of Pickleball enthusiasts who play at several locations every week. Nico made an appearance and dominated; Pastor Bryan has been showing up to play, too. Want to join them or get on the Pickleball Fellowship list? Get connected with the group HERE. For information about our youth programming, go HERE.