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What do Deacons do?
Dr Bryan Stamper

Deacons are the "hands and feet of Christ," serving in ministries of compassion and complementary roles to the elders. At San Pedro Presbyterians the deacons are organized into organizational committees that cover a broad variety of service. Every deacon, as with every elder, commits to a three year term. So with each calendar year, three to four deacons are rolling off their active service to make room for new deacons to roll into active service.

Current Deacons and their ministry leadership positions (in alphabetical order)

  • Marcia Blankenhorn (member care)
  • Eileen Gostylo (stewardship)
  • Lori Hockley (hospitality)
  • Brown King (children)
  • Cindy Mapes (youth)
  • Eric Mapes (outreach)
  • Geoff Morgan (worship)
  • Diane Redin (missions)
  • Rose Solis (fellowship)
  • Mark Tapley (adult education)