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Senior Testimony: Parker Mapes
Parker Mapes

The following is the senior testimony of Parker Mapes presented to the congregation on May 23, 2021.

Hi good morning everyone , most of yall already know me but if not my name is parker mapes , i'm a graduating senior from johnson high school and will be attending the university of north texas in the fall. I will be studying speech pathology and hope to be a speech therapist one day to kids. I've been here at san pedro my whole life, yep, all 18 years. So many of y’all have seen me grow up here and share memories with me from when I was a kid, that I usually don't remember, but hey it is always amazing to hear about. This church is my 2nd family and growing here gave me nothing but great memories and lifelong friends.

I came to know about Jesus at a very young age, and have always been surrounded by the church growing up. I felt the love of not only Jesus but by everyone here in this church who constantly helped me grow. Mrs carol shelfer for being the best confirmation sponsor, Mrs pj and Mrs dawn for including me on wednesday nights with the kids and treating me so well, dave for always encouraging me with my faith and every individual here that i've met whos always only wanting the best for me. I truly love each and every one of yall.

Here at San Pedro I've been given endless opportunities to put myself out there with Jesus by my side, and do what I can for him. All the mission trips i've been on (which will never be enough) have let me learn so many things and helped me get to know myself as well as grow with those around me. Several years ago i gave a youth sunday speech and briefly brought up heifer ranch (one of the most “unique” trips i've been on) this trip has stuck with me and always will. We were put in poverty scenarios for 3 days and had to live without air conditioning, proper food, showers, electricity, and worst of all, We couldn't even...have… our phones. I know it's unbelievable. 3 days living like this and you'd never think you could. But in reality there are people, families, and children who live like that everyday and yet all we continue to do is still complain about the things we don’t have. Yet they continue to be thankful to have each other and a roof over their heads. It has shown me how absolutely blessed I am to have everything I do and I thank the lord everyday for it. I don't need a whole bunch of fancy food or the best technology they have to offer, or the new clothes everyone's buying, all I need is those around me who continue to love me and care for me for who I am.

I'll always try to stay involved in church as much as I can, yes even in college I know I know, because the church has endlessly shown me the best version of who I am and who I can be and it will always be here for me, I've loved my time here at San Pedro, and the memories and photos are there to prove it, and my connection with you guys, God and Jesus will be here to keep growing with me every single day and i will be forever grateful for that.