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Contemporary Service UPDATE #2
Nico Carrillo

On Sunday, April 24th we worshipped for the second of our beta test services in the Neal Building. Once again we had to bring out chairs to make room for everybody, which was exciting to see. With feedback from the first service, we made some tweaks to how we ordered the service (a little less music), and presented the sermon (in 3 parts).

We have another round of adjustment to make before the last of our test services on May 29th, but all in all we're getting good feedback and participation. We're going to make another improvement to the sermon content by working on the sound, and we'll get a bit smoother with slide transitions. We'll also maybe add a little percussion and more singers for the last service.

Two things to point out about the crowd on April 24th. One, there were a number of adults who again joined us to try this style of service. We were building it as something we thought was of main interest to students. We think there are some adults and young families who might regularly join a contemporary service. And secondly, our youth had a lock-in the previous Friday, so we think some of them were still recovering (we're were up most of the night). Even without the bulk of our youth, we had a crowd.

So keep praying and keep passing along your suggestions. We've still got one more service to put together before our summer break and final discernment about what to do in the fall. Your participation and feedback is really helpful, so thank you again. I'm enjoying being the new guy on staff.

RSVP for the last test service HERE. I'll have the chairs ready!


Our first contemporary test service is in the books! I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support in preparations for this service and a special thanks to those who were able to attend and provide much needed feedback. Firstly, I want to say how humbled I am just to have the opportunity try something new here at SPPC. Secondly, the amount of support and prayer that has surrounded this service has not gone unnoticed and I have been truly blessed by your willingness to try something different. This first service was by no stretch of the imagination “perfect”, however I believe it was successful and I am going to share my thoughts on why I believe that to be the case.

Simply put, this service was successful in my mind because it provides us with the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t. The most difficult part of trying anything new, is starting. We now have something to reference and grow from as we begin shaping this service into a healthy and nurturing element of worship at SPPC over the next two services. We also found success with this service with the amount of engagement and feedback we received. There were nearly 30 people who not only attended the service but worked together to come up with ideas for how we can reach more people with this service.

What we learned from this service is that there is more for us to learn. However, what I can say with certainty is that the youth of our church that did attend the contemporary service were genuinely excited about the service and the potential it brings to their faith walk and worship involvement. I don’t know yet if this contemporary service can engage the youth and young adults of our community, but I am excited for the possibility.