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Summer Time Worship @10 am
Dr Stamper

During the months of June, July and August we will have our traditional worship service at 10:00 am. Below are a few frequently asked questions about the adjustment.

Q: Why are we changing our worship time for three months?

A: There are two main reasons. First, during the hot months we want folks to get up and worship before the heat of the day. It's not unusual for churches to have a summer schedule that adjusts and shifts until the fall school season rolls back around. Secondly, we want to evaluate if this is a better time for our church family on a permanent basis. Most churches nationally find the 10:00 am worship time to be better adapted to modern life schedules. We're trying it; feedback is welcome.

Q: When will this start?

A: June 5th we'll start the summer schedule of having our traditional worship service start an hour earlier (10:00 am).

Q: How will this impact morning education classes?

A: We will coordinate with our teachers to determine what start time is best for them; but for now we believe they'll choose 8:45 am or 9:00 am. The special, monthly, children's fellowship opportunities will start at 9:00 am.

Q: How can folks share feedback about the earlier start time?

A: Some time in July we'll evaluate how the shift is impacting our worship together. It could be we only do this during the summer months, or we might discern not to do this at all, or God may be calling us to wait until a later date to reevaluate (or it might become permanent). We'll ask specifically for feedback during July after we've had time to try this service time.

We'll also make announcements about what our Elders and staff are experiencing as we move through the summer together. Nothing is decided. This is something we are trying, together, to discern our best way to reach the most people through our worship services.